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Decision-Making in an Age of Uncertainty

Uncertainty is a fact of life for every decision-maker in the health care system — whether a patient, health care provider, policy-maker, administrator, industry representative, or payer. Rarely are all the facts available when a new drug, medical device, diagnostic tool, or surgical intervention is introduced. It sometimes seems that the situation is getting worse as more and more innovative products, curative therapies, and disruptive technologies enter the market. Added to this is the uncertainty that often accompanies health system reform, political and structural changes, and changing expectations on the part of patients, clinicians, and other stakeholders.

Facing a perfect storm of change, it is easy to be gripped by the notion that we are living through an age of uncertainty in health care. Do decision-makers have the evidence they need to make informed decisions? Will new methods make it possible to assess innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence and digital technologies? Is health technology assessment able to provide the support and tools decision-makers need in an age of uncertainty? These are the issues that will be addressed at the 2020 CADTH Symposium.